Corel Magazine by Corel Magaletta: Researching Flooring: 10 Different Flooring Options

Corel Magazine by Corel Magaletta: Researching Flooring: 10 Different Flooring Options

I've talked a bit about flooring on my blog here before, but lately I've been doing a lot more research as I'm helping a friend narrow down their choices with the purchase of their new home.

Here's the culmination of the research so far:

Sustainable floorings (bamboo and cork)

Major advantages of cork flooring

For designing purpose, it resembles the traditional plank wood flooring

For installing it, glues nails and floating method can be used

It is available in different colors which are both natural and stained

It is hard in texture and is much durable

Major advantages of cork flooring

It has tiles that be installed with glue and has planks that can be fixed with floating method

It has variety of colors that are both natural and stained

It has a noise reduction property

Spend less and get more with Vinyl tiles

Major advantages of cork flooring

vinyl tiles are quite durable and will last you a very long time

they are quite easy to clean

healthier and more hygienic option

All you need to know about luxury vinyl planks

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) floors are beautifully designed natural looking floors.


Easy installation

More affordable than timber

Durable; will not lose that new shine and crisp for a very long time.

Get the real look from vinyl sheet flooring

Looks better than I expected!

available in a large variety of colors

can go with almost all sorts of themes

resistant to moisture, good for wet areas

Save your money, laminate your floors

Fact I didn't know about laminate flooring:

Made of several layers of composite products fused together. The layers are divided into four portions to be exact. The lowest layer is of melamine resin. This is there to add moisture resistance and stability. Then the layer above that is made of fiberboard of high density. This is the thickest layer. The second last layer is basically a photographic 3D layer which is also decorative. The last one is transparent white and is there to protect it from liquids, scratches or any other damages.

Reasons Why You Need Laminate Flooring

Looks just like hardwood floors but laminate floors are affordable

Burn resistant

Resistant to liquids

Easy to clean

More affordable option that hardwood

Different types of boards (different ways to install)

Can be cleaned with regular floor cleaners

Low maintenance flooring

Looks great with the type of blinds and shutters we want to use

Learn more about engineered timber

It's a good idea to check the manufacturing process of engineered timber, as it can differ as seen below:

The composite wood or engineered timber is built by binding together wood with several adhesives. Their thickness varies between 21mm, 20mm and the minimum is 18mm. they have two layers to give them extra amount of stability and strength. The layers are of different materials and each layer represents each different material. The top layer which is 6mm thick is made of real wood. The bottom layer which is also the last layer is produced of heavy duty and good quality ply wood.

Installation of laminate flooring

The installation required for laminate is fast and hurdle free. It is the most convenient flooring option to be installed. No dust or garbage is created during its installation. It brings minimum disruption to your home when being installed.